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Hydrostatic testing

11/9/2012 by Engineering
the use of liquid pressure to test a hose or hose assembly for leakage, twisting, and or hose change in length.


11/9/2012 by sales
the abbreviation for inside diameter.


11/9/2012 by sales
an application of force in a manner to produce sudden strain or motion, such as hydraulic pressure applied in a hose.


11/9/2012 by sales
a temporary or permanent distortion of the hose induced by bending beyond the minimum bend radius.


11/9/2012 by Engineering
the line of printed information that runs parallel on the side of a manufactured hose giving details such as part number, PSI rating, hose size and manufacturing data.


11/9/2012 by Engineering
a form, usually of elongated round section, used for size and support hose during fabrication and or vulcanization. It may be rigid or flexible.

Minimum bend radius

11/9/2012 by Engineering
to which a hose may be bent without compromising the integrity of construction


11/9/2012 by Safety
Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Nitrile rubber

11/9/2012 by Engineering
NBR Buna-N. A family of acrylo-nitrile elastomers used to make industrial hose.


11/14/2012 by sales
National Stock Number

Overall length (OAL)

11/11/2012 by sales
The total length of a hose assembly, which consists of the free hose length plus the length of the couplings.


11/9/2012 by Safety
the process of migration of a substance into and through another, usually the movement of a gas into and through a hose material; the rate of permeation is specific to the substance, temperature, pressure and the material being permeated.

psi (PSI)

11/9/2012 by Engineering
pounds of pressure per square inch of area (lb2/in).


11/9/2012 by Engineering
polytetrafluoroethylene, a high molecular weight fluoroplastic polymer with carbon atoms shielded by fluorine atoms having very strong inter atomic bonds, giving it chemical inertness.


11/9/2012 by sales
polyvinyl chloride. A low cost thermoplastic.


11/8/2012 by sales
Society of Automotive Engineers


11/9/2012 by Assembly Workshop
That part of the coupling which fits into the I.D. of the hose.


11/9/2012 by sales
a document setting forth pertinent details of a product.


11/9/2012 by sales
a method of applying reinforcement in which there is not interlacing between individual strands of the reinforcement.

Static wire

11/9/2012 by Safety
wire incorporated in a hose to conduct static electricity.

surge or spike

11/9/2012 by sales
a rapid and transient rise in pressure.


11/9/2012 by sales
the innermost continuous all-rubber or plastic element of a hose.


11/9/2012 by sales
a non-reinforced, homogeneous conduit, generally of circular cross-section.

Vacuum resistance

11/9/2012 by Engineering
the measure of a hoses ability to resist negative gauge pressure.


11/9/2012 by Engineering
a process during which a rubber compound, through a change in its chemical structure, improves or extends elastic properties over a greater range of temperature.

Wire reinforced hose

11/11/2012 by sales
A hose containing wires to give added strength, increased dimensional stability and crush resistance.

Working pressure (WP)

11/8/2012 by sales
maximum pressure at which a hose is designed to operate.
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